A little about me, just so that you know who you are dealing with...I am Al Conrad, Owner and CEO of Parachute Infantry Customs. I served 20 plus years in the United States Army, as ...you guessed it; an Airborne Infantryman. Easily the most satisfying time in my life was serving our great country with my fellow warriors; in war in peace; from Korea to Panama to Fort Bragg to Fort Campbell to Hawaii and beyond. I retired from the Army in 2001 and taught High School for a brief time and found my way back to a long lost hobby...1/6 scale action  figures!! Known to some as Gi Joes, figurines, dolls and even;  "Hooah Barbies".

PIR Customs is the brainchild of not only myself, but also of my closest, loyal friends and fellow warriors who choose to remain clandestine....The difference in a PIR Custom figure and ANY other figure on the market is: ALL of our figures are CUSTOMIZED to the customer's request...we do not claim to reproduce an exact likeness of the subject's face; however; we do get pretty damn close...Some options are available are : name tapes, skill badges; shoulder patches; rank; and even specific unit SOP markings. All of our bases are custom built by our in-house expert wood worker and are built to suit; options are endless...we also produce the most unique military gifts and awards available...ANYWHERE!! Everyone gets a plaque, or a picture when they PCS, Retire, Get Promoted or Graduate a Challenging Military School; PIR Customs offers a one of a kind COLLECTIBLE!!!

WE are a dedicated team of VETERANS dedicated to reproducing a very unique and collectible product for the special Warrior in your life...At PIR Customs; "All Warriors Are Not Fullsize"


"We have no history, however...we DO have a rendezvous with destiny"